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Protection against bad debt!
Trade Credit Insurance provides protection against bad debts.
A bad debt can have a huge effect on your balance sheet, put enormous pressure on your cash-flow and could even lead to the financial failure of your business.

A Trade Credit Insurance policy protects your business against Non Payment or Insolvency and can cover your entire sales ledger, key customers, single buyers or overseas buyers.
  • Protect cashflow
  • Trade with confidence
  • Increase profit margins
  • Sales ledger protection
  • Valuable sales tool
  • Business growth
  • Flexible policies
  • Claim up to 90%
  • Bespoke structures


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UK businesses lose £20bn a year in payments.
Late payments and unpaid invoices are losing UK businesses £20bn a year. And in the worst cases, unpaid invoices are threatening the survival of small firms, which are vulnerable to variations in cash flow and often rely on a limited number of customers.
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Leeds office workers beware of e-calamities!
Almost 50% of office workers in Leeds have sent e-mail to the wrong person by mistake, often with "disastrous" consequences, according to a report out today.
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