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MasterWatch a Unique Concept
MasterWatch is designed to sit in front of traditional credit services, and has several key advantages. Overall, it provides the earliest and most comprehensive view of UK Court debt activity.
The principle benefit is to give you a head start in the battle against bad debts. But it also provides several other benefits:

For Credit Control: Whilst not intended to replace traditional credit reports, you can focus how you purchase reports to save money.

For Purchasing: No extra cost to monitor key suppliers, and take appropriate action as soon as they show signs of problems.

For the Sales Team: No extra cost to monitor competitors - use the information to clinch that deal. The Sales team can also use it free of charge to avoid wasted sales calls on no-hope prospects.

For the Marketing Team: Review prospect lists for free to cut down mailing and telemarketing costs Specifically:

What Can MasterWatch Do For You
Identify struggling businesses in the same business group as your customer.

Highlights businesses trading from the same address, which may have common ownership.

You receive detailed information quicker than from any other service, even those offering daily updates (because much of the information is in fact only available weekly).

Adverse information can be routinely transferred back to your accounting system's records.

You retain control of your customer lists for total confidentiality.

You can also monitor suppliers, sub-contractors, competitors and other businesses, at no extra charge.

Easy to use on any version of Microsoft Windows.

With MasterWatch you therefore stand a much higher chance of quickly spotting a customer getting into financial difficulties. You can then promptly decide whether to continue supply, or to take action to secure existing debts.
Data Sources
The sources from which we collect our data are as follows:
1. Daily collection from the Royal Courts of Justice and the Main District Registries.
2. Weekly data direct from the Registry Trust Ltd.
3. Gazette Data.
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The facility to positively vet new accounts in seconds
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Our matching logic allows you, the customer, using 'local knowledge', to decide on the validity of the matching.
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MasterWatch News
What is credit checking and why bother?

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