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Bankruptcy rules set to change again!

The government is launching two consultations on current bankruptcy rules introduced under the Enterprise Act because of a massive rise in people walking away from their debts.

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UK businesses lose £20bn a year in payments

Late payments and unpaid invoices are losing UK businesses £20bn a year. And in the worst cases, unpaid invoices are threatening the survival of small firms, which are vulnerable to variations in cash flow and often rely on a limited number of customers.

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What is credit checking and why bother?

if you sell to other businesses, giving credit is probably something you do without even thinking about it. It's a normal part of doing business. Your customers expect it...

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Scottish Appointment

As part of their continued expansion and development in the UK West Yorkshire credit reference agency MasterWatch have announced plans to sell its products and services North of the Border.

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Leeds office workers beware of e-calamities!

Almost 50% of office workers in Leeds have sent e-mail to the wrong person by mistake, often with "disastrous" consequences, according to a report out today.

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According to figures from the Bank of England the number of companies going out of business in 2003 was 10 per cent up on 2002

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Nearly a quarter of businesses do not confirm their credit terms in writing!

Leeds based credit reference agency MasterWatch urges businesses to confirm their credit terms in writing to customers

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Chasing Bad Debt (Enterprise Act)

The Enterprise Act came into force on 15th September 2003. One of the most significant effects of this Act is to deprive the Inland Revenue and HM Customs & Excise of their Crown Preference over most other creditors.

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How Good Are You At Managing Trade Credit?

Leeds based credit reference agency MasterWatch are urging smaller businesses to review their credit management procedures, in order that they address their late payment problems from within.

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County Court Information
Information relating to commercial judgements in the County Courts is received weekly by a Government body known as the Registry Trust Ltd.
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MasterWatch News
New Web Site goes live..... goes live.
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Who are MasterWatch?
Masterwatch is one of only eight companies who subscribe to Registry Trust Limited, the only source of County Court data in the UK.
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MasterWatch Exhibitors at the Institute of Credit Management Scotland, November '04