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We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, should you require further information - please contact us
1. What is needed to run MasterWatch for Windows?
A PC running any fully-fledged version of Microsoft Windows, including Windows XP, Windows2000, Windows98 and 98SE, Windows95 and Windows 3.11.

It can run on a PC network by loading the data on a server and accessing it from individual PCs, subject to the number of machines you have chosen to licence. Data can also be copied onto portable PCs within that licence.

You will need about 80Mega Bytes of hard disk space per year for the data. The software uses very little hard disk space, and can run on the minimum RAM recommended for whichever version of Windows you are using.
2. How is support provided?
The MasterWatch subscription includes telephone and on site support if you have any technical difficulties or queries please do not hesitate to contact the support team on 0113 2255100.
3. Who are MasterWatch?
MasterWatch is the trading name of Leeds based MasterWatch Limited.

Masterwatch is one of only a handful of companies who subscribe to Registry Trust Limited, the only source of County Court data in the UK.

High Court data is collected by an associated company, Information Network Services Ltd, and includes data not available from other services.
4. Who are Registry Trust Limited?
England and Wales Registry Trust Ltd is contracted by the Lord Chancellor, under the Register of County Court Judgments Regulations 1985 (amended 1990), to maintain the statutory public register for all County Court Judgments and administration orders registered by the county courts in England and Wales for the preceding six years.

Amendments to the register can only be made upon receipt of written instructions from the relevant county court.

By agreement with the Scottish Courts Service, Registry Trust Ltd maintains a public register for all Small Claims and Summary Cause money decrees entered in the Sheriff's Courts in Scotland during the preceding six years.

Registry Trust employs agents to collect decree data from the courts. Details of Recalls/Dismissals etc. are also collected and enable the removal of decrees from the register.

Northern Ireland
Registry Trust acts as a clearing house in processing Northern Ireland judgments for credit reference agencies.

Since May 1996 Registry Trust has been processing Unenforced, undefended Default and Small Claims Judgments, received direct from the county courts, via the Northern Ireland Court Service.
5. Who are Information Network Services Limited?

High Court Data & Related Information

Information Networks Services Ltd is a provider of High Court and Statutory Notice information to major credit ratings companies and to Credit Control departments in companies throughout England.

The company collects: High Court Writs issued against limited companies, Winding Up Petitions, Un-Advertised Petitions and Petition results. Additionally the company provides information relating to Meetings of Creditors, Winding Up Orders, Appointments of Administrative Receivers, Administration Orders, Appointments of Liquidators and any other insolvency notices that appear in the London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes.

Information is despatched on a weekly basis.
MasterWatch a Unique Concept
MasterWatch is designed to sit in front of traditional credit services, and has several key advantages. Overall, it provides the earliest and most comprehensive view of UK Court debt activity.
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Our matching logic allows you, the customer, using 'local knowledge', to decide on the validity of the matching.
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Insolvency News
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